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  1. Otto ntshanyana says:

    I had a good time at brandlesholme as a Methodist minister from 2003-2008

  2. Peter says:

    Most pleasing

  3. Louise Christie says:
  4. So many good memories of brandlesholme Methodist and the “hut”sky

  5. Denzil Phillipson says:

    My name is denzil phillipson and I live in greenmount. I remember Cameron and his sister very well along with his dad who I think was called Donald and his mum Renee. I have some very happy memories of brandlesholme methods church and the youth club and concert parties , each event held it the building affectionately know as THE HUT
    Happy innocent childhood days,sadly long since gone.

    • What’s happening – another one! Lovely to hear from you too, Denzil! We still have several members at Brandlesholme of your ‘vintage’ – though no Hut … You’d be more than welcome (along with Cameron) at our Anniversary service (followed by tea and a time to catch up with old friends) on Sunday 20 November at 3 pm. Maybe see you there?!

    • Hi denzil, I remember you also from our younger days very well. I am living in Winslow now

      • Denzil phillipson says:

        Hi Cameron,
        I am married with 2 daughters and two grandaughters. I live in greenmount and ran a successful electrical contracting business. I had to pass the business on ten years ago as I was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have major surgery. I still manage to get around but with difficulty if only we could turn the clock back.

  6. Peter Roscoe says:

    A happy New Year to all our congregation. May we long continue our happy association, Hopefully we will have more people use this site during the year – in my experience of Bury Clarion Cycling Club these modern means of communication can work for good. Alas as we all know they are used for evil so lets expand our efforts for good.
    Peter & Sylvia

  7. Mike Holden says:

    From Mike Holden
    May I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
    I have very fond memories of the Church, it was the Hut then in my teenage years from the early 1960’s for quite a few years. I am an old codger now. If anyone from that era is reading, may I wish you all well.
    Just one item of note, I met my old friends Eric and Shirley Johnson last year (and this), the first time we have met for 50 years. They don’t look any different
    Living by the sea in North Essex now but visit regularly as my sister still lives in Rudgwick Drive

    • Denzil Phillipson says:

      Hi Mike,
      My name is Denzil Phillipson and I am from the same era as you. I was born in 1945 so I remember the Hut and the happy times we had there, from attending Sunday school to going to the youth club and also the concert parties run by Mr. Morley , who was Suzanne’s dad unfortunately she passed away in 2009. They were happy days, sadly long since gone.

      • Michael Holden says:

        Hi Denzil
        I remember you very well and if I’m right you lived in Holme Avenue a few doors down from the Hut
        I remember those times with great affection. I heard about Suzanne a couple of years ago and I remember her as a very nice girl who was always cheerful and smiling (and waving her pony tail)
        All the best Denzil
        From Mike Holden

      • Denzil Phillipson says:

        Hi Mike, whereabouts did you live, I lived 6doors up after the entrance to the Hut. I now live in a bungalow in Greenmount , a far cry from Holme Avenue but I am still the same Denzil. Now more or less restricted to indoors due to COPD , but not complaining as I had a very good working life as I started my own electrical contracting business in 1969 until I had to pass it on in 2006 due to throat cancer. Happily married to my wife Christine for 48 years have two daughters and two grand daughters , so surrounded by women. I have a photograph of a concert party on the stage at the Hut roundabout 1953 , there are about 24 children in the photo. If you can email your email address I will forward it to you. My e mail address is

      • Michael Holden says:

        hi Denzil
        Happy new Year
        I used to live in Whitehead Crescent
        1953 was a bit too early for me and I cannot recollect much of the church and its people before 1960
        It was very nice to hear from you again and my email address is


  8. Peter Roscoe says:

    Happy New Year to all members of our congregation and here’s hoping the current initiatives will bear fruit. Alas I see the last but one note was mine a year ago with no response. Meanwhile Bury Clarion continues to thrive with constant exchanges of information.

  9. Jane Lowe says:

    Jane Lowe
    I have just returned from the first soup and sandwich event. I was made to feel very welcome and everything was excellent. A huge thank you to all.

  10. It was lovely to see you, Jane! We had a very positive start, despite the awful weather. Looking forward to seeing you next time, on 21 February!

  11. Peter Roscoe says:

    We enjoyed the event very much. The food was excellent and I enjoyed talking to some of our visitors. Good to have our daughter with us at a time when she is in between jobs. We have a wonderful fellowship.

  12. Peter Roscoe says:

    I also used today’s event to publicise the Red Rose Social Club where Sylvia and myself are the main organisers. We have some excellent entertainers – singers and givers of talks. Also Bingo sessions. We meet Monday afternoons. After the first three attendances the cost is a modest £2.50. More information can be found on our website – browse Bury Focus Bury Red Rose Club.

  13. Good networking, Peter! Lovely to see all three of you at the Soup & Sandwich event – we can always be sure of your support!

  14. Cameron Craigie says:

    It was great to see all the old friends at the christening of Noah Cameron this morning. It was good to be “Home”

  15. It was brilliant to see all the Craigie family together, and to welcome Noah! You’re welcome any time!

  16. Cameron Craigie says:

    Thanks Branded Holme Methodist will always have a special place in my heart for me and all the Craigie family

  17. Vicki Box says:


    Could you tell me if your community room is available to hire and your prices?

    I am potentially interested in hiring it for a group of local home educating families to meet regularly for approximately 4 hours one afternoon a week / fortnight for kids to meet and socialise.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Vicki x

  18. Thanks for your enquiry, Vicki.

    Afternoons available are Tuesdays (before 5:30pm) and Thursdays.
    The price for hiring the hall is £15 per hour.
    Just a warning that the community room / hall is also our church and very occasionally is needed for funerals – but I’m sure there could be some accommodation!
    Best wishes –

  19. Eliza Bayfield says:

    Hello I was wondering if you can help I was planning on moving my cubs group to a Wednesday but nothing is set in stone yet but I was wondering if the hall was free Wednesday evenings and if so how much will the rent be

    Hope to hear from you soon

  20. Lisa Winnard says:

    Hi I’m interested in Rainbows for my daughter who is 5. How do I register her?

  21. Hannah Sheldon says:

    My grandma (Elsie Roberts) opened your church in 1976 (I think). Until then she held services in her living room I believe. I’m told I was the first baby to be baptised in your church too.

    • My goodness, Hannah! Lovely to hear from you – and to hear your memories of the ‘early days’! The present building was opened 67 years ago, and prior to that, services were indeed held in someone’s front room. I’ll mention you to some of the people at church who would know your grandma. And if you want to re-live old memories, we have a church anniversary service to celebrate those 67 years on Sunday 17 November at 10:30 – it’s to be a very informal service and you’d be made very welcome!
      Thanks for getting in touch!

      • Michael Holden says:

        From Mike Holden

        Reading these messages brings back fond memories. In my teens I was a regular attender at both Church and the Youth club in the early to mid 1960’s My I wish you well for your anniversary service in November and will be thinking of old friends

  22. Oops: I should’ve said, Hannah, that the church first started 67 years ago, not that that was when this building was opened. Apologies!

  23. Hannah sheldon says:

    Woweee…. yes 67 years ago would be when the services were in my grandmas front room. I’m pretty sure the church building was 44 years ago though in 1975/1976. I think I have a picture somewhere. I recognise the ‘Craigie’ name above. Grandma used to regularly talk about Mrs Craigie. Elsie moved to Knutsford in about 1988 to be closer to us. She passed away in 2001 aged 91. She always spoke fondly of her Bury days and used to take me and my sister to the church whenever we were over.

  24. Thanks, Mike. I’ll mention you to Bessie etc on Sunday – I’ve no doubt she’ll have some memories of you to share!

  25. Christina says:

    Hi i would like to apply my 5 and 6 year old to you rainbows how do i do it please

    • Hi Christina –
      Many thanks for your enquiry. Registration for all branches of the Guide movement has now been centralised. For more information or to register your interest, go to: www,, Members Area & Go, Parents Section, Register your daughter. We are 6th Bury Group

      We hope to see your family soon!

  26. Hi, I help run a Christian football league, and wondered if you guys at Brandlesholme Methodist would be interested in joining? It’s a great ministry, and a way for people to come to know the church! We can help you set things up during this time of social distancing, so that you’d be ready to go when the time comes. Please ask any members of your congregation who might be interested in this!

  27. Natasha Jefferson says:


    I can see that you have rainbows on a Tuesday. My daughter Alicia is 6 and would love to start attending. Do you have any availability?



    • Hi Natasha!
      Many thanks for contacting us. I’ve sent your e-address to Jennie, our Rainbow leader. I think the process these days is that you go onto the Guiding website and register your interest there – but Jennie will get back to you pretty soon with up-to-date information.
      Looking forward to seeing Alicia soon!

  28. Hi Natasha –
    This is what Jennie says::
    Go to, Members Area & Go, Parents Section, Register your daughter. We are 6th Bury Group (Brandlesholme).

    They will then get in touch with her.
    Good luck!

  29. Katia says:

    Hi, my name is Adam Butterworth! I am delighted to share that from August this year I will be serving God through a new position as a UCCF Staff Worker for Liverpool Hope University and Chester University. Student ministry has always been something close to my heart as I started following Jesus by getting to know Him through Christian Union in Glyndwr University, where I later served as a worship leader and a president. And now I cannot wait to start serving God with UCCF!

    In brief, Christian Unions are mission teams that operate at the heart of university and college campuses.
    Staff Workers play a vital role in helping to encourage, envision and equip young men and women as they make disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world. Each Staff Worker is expected to raise money towards their role. The more support partners could contribute, the more sustainable their ministry will be.

    As a Staff Worker, my responsibilities will include:
    – Supporting CUs to be mission teams by supporting, motivating, enabling and training them
    – Acting as a Catalyst for evangelism and Christian growth.
    – Working closely with students in CU to encourage and develop them as disciples of Christ.
    – Helping CUs feel part of the wider UCCF family.
    – Developing relationships with local Christians.

    I am originally from Manchester, I have been going to Brendelsome Methodist Church in Bury since being a child. When I went to University in Wrexham, I volunteered in kids club in Brendelsome Methodist Church, when I came home for summer. Me and my wife got married in Bury and some of the congregation attended our wedding. After our wedding we decided to stay in Wrexham and serve our local church there. When come to visit Manchester we always come to Brendelsome Methodist church on Sundays. My mom Lisa Butterworth also occasionally comes to church with my sisters.

    Now me and my family have been living in Wrexham for almost 7 years. I met my wife while we were students, we met in Glyndwr Christian Union. Now we have been married for almost 6 years and have 2 beautiful children. We have been a part of Christ Church Wrexham, where I am part of the worship team and I also lead a youth club. I work with Tin Can (Church Army), serve as a School Pastor, had been volunteering at Food Bank and worked at multiple Christian events around Wrexham.

    We are looking forward to what God has prepared for us, however I will not be able to do it without financial support.
    So It would be amazing if you would consider partnering with me in prayer and financially. Any support from church and the congregation would be such a blessing and encouragement to me, my family and the ministry!

    You can support me by donating through this link:

    I will be sending frequent Prayer Letters and Updates.

    If you would like to meet in person and go for a coffee/talk on zoom to discuss this, please get in contact! I would love to meet for a chat and answer any questions!

    My phone number is 07716733180

    And my email address is

    Thank you so much!

    Many blessings,
    Adam Butterworth

  30. cameron craigie says:

    Please remember my dad Donald Craigie in your prayers who died on this day 30 years ago. regards cameron craigie

    • Such a lovely man! And your mum! They gave so much to Brandlesholme Methodist Church, and their memory lives on.
      We still say – when some chairs are slightly out of line – “Donald wouldn’t approve”!
      Many thanks for getting in touch, Cameron – and our love to you and Elizabeth and your families.

  31. Sarah Tristram says:

    Hi, is your hall available to hire for children’s birthday parties? Thanks, Sarah

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