News of our Friends

It’s always good to hear news of our friends in Brandlesholme and further afield. Please contact us if you have anything to add to this page. (We must, of course, have the subject’s permission!)

But, some sad news:


We are so sad to hear of the passing of our good friend NEVILLE JOINT who, along with his wife Aina and son Mark, have been part of the fabric of this church for many years. We send our love and  sympathy to Aina and the family following Neville’s sudden death, and will support them at the funeral in church on Wednesday 16 March at 1:30 pm.

He will be sorely missed.



We are so sorry to hear the sad news that Denzil passed away on 26 December, age 76.

When he was a child and young man, Denzil was a stalwart of the Methodist church, Sunday School and youth group here in Brandlesholme, and is still remembered by many still worshipping here.

We send our love and prayers to his wife, Christine, his children Naomi and Vanda, and grandchildren Chloe and Caitlin.

Much remembered and sadly missed.



We are sad to have to report here the passing of one of our most faithful members at Brandlesholme. After struggling with some aspects of her health, Mrs Irene Darlington succumbed to Coronavirus, and died in Fairfield Hospital in March.

Irene was a lovely lady: very gentle and unassuming, with a quiet, wry sense of humour. She was always most grateful for help received, modest in all she did, and a good friend to many of us. Irene was a good listener and was always willing to help whenever she could. We give thanks for the work she did at Brandlesholme as J.M.A. secretary, as a uniformed leader with the Brownies/Rainbows, and earlier with the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. She was an active member of the Ladies’ Fellowship and the Ladies’ Group at church.

Our thoughts are prayers go out to Irene’s daughter, Julie, her husband Chris, and their daughter, Sophie Ann. We shall very much miss her.



More sad news: at the beginning of September our good friend SHEILA ROWLES passed away after a very short illness.

Many will know Sheila best from her shop, Brandlesholme Road Chippy. She was a hugely welcoming lady, with a cheery greeting and smiling face. She was a good friend to us at church, and a loyal supporter particularly of children’s activities. Sheila faithfully accompanied Miley and Gia each month to Messy Church, and was most generous in her support of our Holiday Club. When, on the final day of the club, we held our Great Feast, it was Sheila and her daughter Sam who organised and delivered all the food – no mean feat for a hall full of children, parents and staff. Also at Christmas, when we would all go up to sing carols outside the shops, Sheila would pop out with an offer of chips for the Guides. We are greatly in her and John’s debt for their kindness and generosity.

She was a lovely lady, a delight to sit and chat to, who had a  fund of knowledge and a keen sense of humour. We shall miss her – and we shall hold her family in our prayers at this sad time.


We are very sad to report the passing at the end of June of Mrs SHEILA WILKINSON. 

Sheila fully immersed herself in the life of the church – she was a talented lady in many spheres. Until she moved out of the area, she regularly played the piano to accompany our Sunday services and, even after moving, never lost touch.

A lovely lady, she will be greatly missed.



It was with great sadness that we heard just before Christmas of the passing of our great friend MABLE. The family have had a sad time over the Christmas period, and finally laid her to rest yesterday, 6 January.

Mable was born in 1924 in Tottington. She married GEORGE in 1946, when she came to live in Brandlesholme where she became one of the founding members of this church. Mable and George had four children, and are survived by two of them, David and Janet. She was proud of her family, and would often talk to us about all of them.

Mable chose her favourite hymns for her funeral service: ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘Make me a channel of your peace’. The readings were from Joyce Grenfell and the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke chapter 10.

Mable will be much missed – her sense of fun and mischief, her wry comments, her faithfulness to her church. She asked us not to mourn her passing, but to celebrate her life. In her words, “Life goes on”.

God bless you, Mable.